Indigenous Injustice

All throughout history, we have neglected the presence of the indigenous people within the United States. It has been repeatedly recorded time and time again that the indiginous individuals always suffer at the expense of the rest of America. One way that these people have suffered, is through the effects of climate change.

This week in Dawn of Anthropocene we analyzed “Indigenous peoples and cultural losses” by Robert Melchior Figueroa. Figueroa separated the figure into 9 separate sections – all of which – explained how the lives of the indigenous people are being impacted by the malpractices of our modern day world. One point that I thoroughly agreed on was the claim that “indigenous and local communities are among the first to face the direct adverse consequences of climate change, due to their dependence upon and close relationship with the environment and its resources.” Indigenous groups have always been known to lean more towards natural resources in order to make a living. Yet once we take a look at what consequences are being made due to climate change, then we can see the negative impacts that they have on the indigenous society.

First and foremost, the author touches upon the country’s reliance on indigenous support. For example, there are written agreements between the state and the native groups that allow for the full participation of native groups in the development of their area. In other words, the state will now have written implications that can force the natives to adapt, mitigate, and monitor the well-being of their designated area. Furthermore, with all of our advancement in technology we have learned to depend on our new advancements in order to make predictions of our future. However, we must realize that it was vital observations made by local indigenous people that was efficient before technology came into play.

Now that’s not to say that the prediction of whether wasn’t practical but rather, that the impacts of climate change would now alter the past strategies of the natives tribes. Not only physically, but culturally as well. As a result, even though we may not see how we influence the impact of climate change, we shouldn’t neglect the impact climate change has on those around us.