Life – Culture = Life?

I think that most people would agree that any type of loss is difficult to overcome. Cultural loss is no different. This is especially true when you lose your culture through no fault of your own. This could be seen similarly to a young child finding out that their parents are divorcing- this isn’t the child’s fault but it impacts them nonetheless. In today’s world this cultural loss is occurring because of the rapid change of our environment. The “parents” in this situation are the developed countries and large corporations and the “child” is the Indigenous people who are facing the consequences of the parents mistreatment of the environment even though they had nothing to do with the problem. It is then up to the parents to find a solution to the problem in a way that helps restore the child to its previous status. However, it would be up to the more technologically advanced societies to help developing countries to evolve in a way that skips to the idea of preserving the environment instead of abusing it. This would allow everyone, no matter their contribution to climate change, to help in the reversal of this process. It saddens me to think about the people who have had to relocate their lives because their homes have been lost to the sea. There is no going back for them and it is unforgivable that the world has come to money and convenience over someone else’s entire life. I think people are still oblivious to the damage that we have caused to our world and we still need to better educate ourselves on what is happening to other people as a direct cause of our actions. We can try to restore their culture and help them but I fear it is an imperfect method of apologizing for destroying everything about their lives. 

-Russell Fitch

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