Ani's Machinations

Thoughts from a cleanroom student.

  • Flutter Pros and Cons

    Flutter Pros and Cons

    The main technology I am using on the Forest Wellness Checkup App is Flutter. Flutter is a framework for developing cross-platform applications using the Dart programming language. Flutter has clear and concise documentation. There are a variety of Codelabs that teach UI, debugging, and developement on different platforms. I particularly enjoyed “Building your first Flutter…

  • Concurrency Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing

    Concurrency Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing

    For the past five years, I’ve been working in a semiconductor clean room. I’m interested in the connections between manufacturing and computer science. One that stands out to me is the importance of concurrency control throughout the fab (factory). The fab has a multitude of interconnected monitors, machines (aka “tools”), servers, and computer programs. Multiple…

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