2020 Fortune companies and their HR practices

Accenture, Synchrony, and The Progressive Corporation are all companies whose employees mention that diversity is supported and embraced by their companies. Accenture employees mention that they are very inclusive. Synchrony’s employees spoke on how their differences were valued. The Progressive Corporation employees talked about how instead of being accepted for who they are, their differences were embraced.

I feel that this blends with what was mentioned in the lecture about how “management systems were developed to ensure that human talent is used effectively and efficiently to accomplish organizational goals”. By embracing diversity, these companies are maximizing their ability to use the human talent that they have. Each person is different and brings a different set of skills and strengths to their respective companies. The story of Micheal in First, Break All the Rules : What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently is another example of this. He mentions that his greatest team consisted of different people who brought different skills and strengths to his team. Instead of trying to mold them to perform into a certain way, Micheal embraced each one of them for who they were and let them be themselves.

This is the kind of manager that I would like to be. A manager who cares about their employees and the kind that can utilize each member’s unique personality and talent. I do believe that critiquing and correcting employees is the most challenging part of a manager’s job. Micheal mentioned that he had to handle each employee differently and what may work on one employee may not work on another. Realizing how to effectively manage each employee must be difficult as a cookie cutter approach would not be an effective management tool. I believe that it is a skill that is developed and refined over time and not one that can be faked.


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