Critical Reflection

This class has been a full experience, to be completely honest.  I’ve had ups and downs, hard conversations with family and friends, tears, hope-all the feelings.  The reading that most resonated with me this term was A different Mirror: A history of multicultural America by R. Takaki.  I was able to listen to this text… Continue reading Critical Reflection

Understanding white privilege-Conversations from Our Story Speaks Podcast

In 2019, I created a podcast called Our Story Speaks. It is a space for women to tell the stories that unite and connect us. Here is a link to a conversation I had with Jill, a UU Minster on white privilege.

Family History

My name is Andrea Piercy and this is my very first term in the CSSA program.  I currently work under the student affairs umbrella at Western Oregon University (WOU) in the Financial Aid department.  I have two little people that are also doing school and life online and so we are all students together in… Continue reading Family History