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  • Wrapping Up Project Prep

    Teamwork I think the biggest thing I learned this week was about team communication. We were discussing how best to implement our database schema, and I believed it should be implemented in a particular way while another teammate thought it should be implemented in a completely different way. We had to have a voice call […]

  • Text Adventure?!

    The Project I have been assigned my project for the next three quarters, and it is a text based adventure engine. This project will require developing software that can make text adventures, and software that can play these games. The idea behind it is to create a platform for educators to easily create and distribute […]

  • First Post

    Introduction Hey! This is a blog about my experience with my Senior Software Engineering Project. This first post is really meant to serve as an introduction to me, and show some potential projects I’m interested in. So without further ado… who am I? My name is Cameron and I currently live in Mission Viejo, CA […]

  • Technologies

    Now that we’re really making progress on our project, we’ve started adding quite a few technologies and protocols to our tech stack. I thought I’d discuss the positives and negatives of various technologies I’ve interacted with on this project. For background, I’ve so far worked almost entirely on the backend, and thus haven’t really worked […]

  • Clean Code

    Reading This week I read the first chapter of Clean Code by Robert C. Martin as well as the third chapter of Refactoring by Martin Fowler. I think these were optional, but I decided to take a bit more of a deep dive into these programming theories. Clean Code: Chapter 1 The first chapter of […]

  • Text Adventure Engine and Data

    Backend Data SQL SQL databases, also called relational databases, are generally faster and more efficient than the alternatives. Relational databases work by having tables filled with items with unique keys, and references between those unique keys in other items. For example, if we had products that we made in a set number of colors, our […]

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