Space Race Alex

Did you ever looked for a job before covid closed the world? I did. The experience was amazing (a generous term I know, but compared to lockdown procedures it really would be amazing to do this again). How it would work is you would go to a place of business, show them your face, ask… Continue reading Space Race Alex

Away I Go

I’m moving to NYC After due consideration, I have decided that the last frontier for me is New York City. I have done a lot of traveling throughout my twenties: SF, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Honolulu (kind of a close second), Austin, Chicago, Orlando, Montreal, D.C., Madrid, Paris, Rome, London, Berlin(maybe the best European option), Prague,… Continue reading Away I Go

Mindful Immunity

With all the talk about vaccine immunity vs natural immunity, I have been doing extensive research about how they compare to each other. In doing so, I was reading all about how the immune system functions and what makes it so robust and got to thinking about two things. 1) How children are brought up.… Continue reading Mindful Immunity

What are your Weaknesses?

This is a question that often feels like a curveball. Why would you give a reason why you are not worth pursuing to the person you want to pursue you? This is an interview equation that I have known about for the longest time, yet for many years, I still was not sure how I… Continue reading What are your Weaknesses?

T-5 Majors Till Liftoff

Did you have a childhood experience or outstanding guidance counselor that let you know before graduating high school the career path you were certain to stick with through adult life? I didn’t either. Here is a journey undertaken by me, which landed me at the career trajectory I see myself in now. As a child,… Continue reading T-5 Majors Till Liftoff

The Start of Summer

The end of Spring, a Preamble I’d like to begin my blog with the my age as a man being summer. quickly see what I mean at this link to a historical tapestry: So hoping you took a good look or even a cursory read of that web address, I hope you understand that… Continue reading The Start of Summer

Hello world!

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