Blog Post #3

This week we tried to have the first meeting with our project sponsor, but the time of the members was not very uniform, but we finally established a suitable meeting time after several attempts. In addition, each of us individually submitted our own problem statement report for the project. To be honest, I had almost… Continue reading Blog Post #3

Blog Post #2

My project has been finalized and my team members and I will start a college roadmap application. We are trying to arrange a time for our first meeting with our sponsor. I do not know exactly what we are gonna talk about. My mood is a mixture of nervousness and excitement. The team is working… Continue reading Blog Post #2

First blog

Hello, my name is Yang Wang. My main purpose for creating this blog was to document my¬†journey in the Capstone course. This is my first blog post, where I will talk about some topics about myself. I first came into contact with computers when I was in primary school. At that time, I just played… Continue reading First blog