(updated 3/2022)

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Guest blogger. Write a short piece about a gardening topic you enjoy.

Educational writing: direct

Online plant clinic. Respond to real questions from gardeners.

Plant Clinic Direct

  • Ask a question for Practice Plant Clinic for other volunteers to try their skills. You can email your inquiry to practiceplantclinic@gmail.com or call or text ‪(541) 321-0870. Report service as Plant Clinic: Direct

In-person volunteer activities

For the latest on health and safety considerations for in-person volunteer activities please visit the program updates page.


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In person plant clinic. Respond to real questions from gardeners.

Plant Clinic Direct

More coming soon!

Have you been asked to speak/teach for an outside group?
Want to start a new volunteer project?
Want to volunteer for a community project that is not listed above?  

*Want to propose a new and original project for volunteer service? Please use this updated project proposal form to request approval prior to volunteering. All new outreach events need approval by Extension and more involved volunteer projects also need approval of the BCMGA. This is to ensure that all of our educational projects meet the OSU Extension Master Gardener Program mission and can be adequately supported by available volunteers and funding. This process is in place for several reasons: it allows the Extension staff and faculty to provide adequate supervision by ensuring that volunteer opportunities meet the OSU Extension Master Gardener program mission, that OSU’s volunteer liability coverage covers your activities, ensures that advertising of public events is done according to OSU guidelines, and avoids duplicate projects by potentially connecting you to other volunteers and/or funding resources for work in similar projects.

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