I haven’t been out to sea on an expedition for our Acoustics group in a while, but I just wanted to point out an excellent and detailed account of a recent recovery of one of our group’s Ocean Bottom Hydrophones (OBHs) from the Ross Sea near the Drygalski Ice Tongue that Michelle Fournet writes about in her own blog. Part I of her series on the recovery can be found here:

Michelle’s Blog

For those new to Acoustics, an Ocean Bottom Hydrophone (OBH) is basically an under-water microphone that sits at the bottom of the ocean and records sounds for us to review later after we go back to retrieve the OBH and bring the data back to the office (this is where I usually come in – analyzing the data, and I’ll be writing more about that later). Michelle’s blog series of her expedition does a great job of describing some of the more adventurous aspects of being involved in the field of science (we are not all sitting in labs and offices), and I found it to be fun to read. She also has some beautiful pictures. I’ve attached some here just to whet your appetite. Be sure to check out her blog and check back here for descriptions of our upcoming expeditions! Better yet, subscribe to our blog to get email notifications when we post something new.

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