Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

When facing a potential employer, I hope the employer can see the value that I can bring to the organization. I think my current brand is MBA students with an international perspective. I have the experience of studying in two countries, which I think is an advantage in economic globalization. Many business models and strategies in the United States are world-leading, and some of the thinking patterns and management skills I have learned are the ones I most want to show my employers. My brand should also contain some of my characteristics, such as inclusiveness, empathy, and approachability. I like to work in a diverse team, keeping the team dynamic and bringing more thinking to the team. I am also a person who likes to innovate and think. My weakness is that I am too idealistic, lack critical thinking. In my limited working experience, these shortcomings bring me some troubles, which I need to overcome.

I will deliver my brand and strengths through a short video that lasts less than one minute. Through the previous study, I believe that knowledge and skills are the main factors that employers consider, so I will spend half of the video introducing my knowledge and skills. Employers face many job applicants every day, so in the limited 30 seconds, I will convey my most representative characteristics, such as the study experience abroad, the different thinking mode, and business management mode I have learned. I will also explain my suitability for the job and my passion for the job, including the potential value I can bring to the company in the future. Also, I will explain some of my work experience and teamwork experience. I will post my introductory video on social media and send it to some potential employers. Traditional electronic resumes and paper resumes are also a good way. I will use a combination of various ways to promote myself.