Job Descriptions

My last job was as a union office clerk for a cable network company. When I send my resume, the job description has a big impact on the position I choose. In the process of looking for a job, the job description of the employer is the first factor I consider. I will match the suitable job description according to my major and skills, so the job description is the basic information for me to apply for the position. In the work process, I found a gap between routine work and position matching. The job description is to assist office leaders in organizing meeting materials, convey meeting contents, etc. But in practice, all office workers are highly mobile. If other departments need assistance, I will also be dispatched to work in the marketing department and logistics department. But what I do at the union office is exactly what the job description says.

Based on my own experience, I think the job description is very important to the company and the candidate. Job seekers use job descriptions to find suitable jobs, while enterprises use job descriptions to hire the talents they need.