Experiences with Discrimination

Would the outstanding claims of discrimination change the way you felt about the company? Would it influence your decisions to support that company? Would it change whether or not you applied to work for that company in the future? Why or why not?

There is no doubt that the outstanding discrimination claims will change my view of the company, even though it is a company I like very much. I believe that all races, cultures, and beliefs should be respected. No matter whether the discrimination is related to me or not, I think discrimination is unacceptable. Also, fair recruitment and fair treatment are the basis for a company to maintain internal equity. If a company cannot accommodate cultural and ethnic diversity, I think that such a company is short-sighted and lacks social responsibility. I would not support such a company, and I would also worry about whether I would suffer discrimination in the future.

In the future, the only possible reason for me to join this company must be that the company has changed its policy and publicly apologized for the previous discriminatory behavior. This is difficult, and a public lawsuit has put the company at the center of a controversy that may make it difficult to recruit the right staff. My reference to whether the company has made significant changes is whether the employees discriminated against have forgiven the company and whether the company’s social evaluation has developed in a positive direction. Still, the company wouldn’t be my first choice because they can’t completely erase what happened.