Tena VanAndel

Tena Van Andel
Tena VanAndel, Houseplants; our constant garden

Tena van Andel has been a Toronto Master Gardener since 2003 and served as Director of Events on the Master Gardeners of Ontario Board for six years. She has made several television and radio appearances, and she writes and lectures on anything gardening. Tena has a special passion for anything exotic, especially orchids, and she spends many a snowy Canadian winter day in her greenhouse with her constant garden.

Houseplants; our constant garden. Many people today feel that growing houseplants is boring and that the real glory in gardening is growing plants outside. Not so! Each new study shows that houseplants are important to our health and mental well being. Let’s look at these benefits and then discuss how to choose, care and come to love our very own constant garden.

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