Harry Olson

Harry is a lifelong gardener and a Master Gardener since 2008.  Harry specializes in grafted vegetable and vertical vegetable gardening.  He has a small urban home and garden in Salem, Oregon which he has transformed into a vertical/grafted vegetable showcase.  It was a 2011 OSU Mini-College Tour garden and has about 200 hundred visitors each year.  Harry has developed elegant, efficient and inexpensive vertical gardening solutions that produce huge crops in small spaces.  Harry has also grown and tested many varieties of vegetables to identify the best producers when grown vertically.

Harry was one of the first garden researchers of grafted tomatoes and other vegetables.  He has conducted numerous pre-release trials of new varieties and has perfected new growing methods for grafted tomatoes.  He is the creator of the “Harry Prune” to dramatically increase performance and production of grafted tomatoes.

Harry speaks frequently to garden groups and seminars and is a regular guest on garden radio and television shows.  He has conducted numerous public trials of emerging garden varieties and technologies.  In 2016, he led a team of three Master Gardeners conducting a “Master Gardener Grafted Vegetable Demonstration Garden” in the Oregon Garden.  They won the Statewide Marje Luce Search for Excellence Award for Demonstration Gardens. Harry is scheduled to receive the IMGA Search for Excellence in Research Award at the July conference.

Join Harry as he shares what he has learned about Vertical Vegetable Gardening.

Vertical Vegetable Gardening. There are two good reasons to garden vertically.  First, the plants love it.  Second, many of us need to garden vertically because we have so little horizontal space.  We need to go up not out.  In either case, it works well.  Plants love to be grown up.  They get more light and better ventilation, resulting in less disease and bigger and better harvests.  The gardener is happy because vertically grown plants are much easier to maintain and harvest.  No need to bend over, just reach out to harvest.

The secret to a good vertically grown garden is the techniques used and selecting plant varieties that prosper when grown vertically.  This class will cover these issues in detail and you will be ready to “Go Vertical” afterwards.  Join us to learn how to garden better, easier and more productively.

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