Dr. Lucy Bradley

Lucy Bradley
Lucy Bradley, Volunteer Recruitment

Dr. Lucy Bradley works for the NC State Department of Horticultural Science as the Urban Horticulture Specialist where she directs consumer horticulture, community gardening, and therapeutic horticulture programs. She is also a regular panelist on the UNC-TV Almanac Gardener television show.  Dr. Bradley directs the North Carolina Extension Master Gardener Volunteer program in which over 4,000 highly trained volunteers provide gardeners with unbiased, research based information on gardens, lawns and landscapes.  In 2015,  4,140 volunteers donated 197,744 hours of service and contributed 1.2 million dollars in in-kind donations while making 945,083 face-to-face contacts. Lucy earned a Master’s Degree in Botany and a Ph.D. in Plant Biology from Arizona State University. She is an urban pioneer nurturing an edible landscape of fruit and nut trees, berries and vegetables in her front yard, and bees and chickens, berries and vegetables in the back.

Volunteer Recruitment. Recruitment is woven into everything we do all year round, but what specific steps can we take to recruit volunteers who will thrive in our program while accomplishing program goals?  We will examine research on Volunteerism in general and on Extension Master Gardener volunteers in particular to identify specific strategies for successful recruiting.

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