Dr. Lee Reich

Lee Reich
Lee Reich, Weedless Gardening

Lee Reich, PhD dove into gardening over 40 years ago, initially with one foot in academia, as an agricultural scientist with the USDA and Cornell University, and one foot in the field, the organic field. He eventually expanded his field to a farmden (more than a garden, less than than a farm) and left academia to lecture, consult, and author a number of books. Besides providing an abundance of fruits and vegetables, his farmden has an educational mission and is a test site for innovative techniques in soil management, pruning, and food production. Science and an appreciation of natural systems underpin his work.

Weedless Gardening. Introducing a novel way of caring for the soil, one that results in fewer weeds. Nurturing the ground from the top down, avoiding soil compaction, maintaining a soil cover, and pinpoint watering emulates rather than fights Mother Nature, keeping plants healthier and minimizing weed problems. Learn how to apply this 4-part system to establish new plantings as well as to maintain existing plantings. The principles and practices are rooted in the latest agricultural research and are applicable to sustainable, small farm systems.

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