Chuck Ingels

C.Ingels crop
Chuck Ingels, IPM for Fruit Trees

Chuck Ingels has been the Farm and Horticulture Advisor with UC Cooperative Extension in Sacramento County since 1996.  He conducts research and educational programs for tree fruit and wine grape growers, landscape professionals, Master Gardeners, and the public.  He also oversees programs at the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center.  He was the lead technical editor and author of a University of California publication, The Home Orchard: Growing Your Own Fruit and Nut Trees, which was published in 2007.

IPM for Fruit Trees This talk will cover several key pests of fruit trees, including codling moth, spotted wing drosophila, stink bugs, borers, and scale insects, as well as fire blight, peach leaf curl, and branch canker diseases.  Learn how to control these pests organically or with the least toxic methods.  Also learn how espalier and fruit bush training make covering trees to control some of these invertebrate pests, as well as vertebrate pests, much easier.

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