Christina Pfeiffer

Christina Pfeiffer, How to Prune and Renovate the Mature or Overgrown Garden

Christina Pfeiffer was kind enough to step in to replace Cass Turnbull, who passed away unexpectedly while vacationing in Hawaii with her husband.  The IMGC is saddened by this sudden and profound loss to the arboriculture community.

Christina is a horticulture consultant, instructor and garden writer with over 35 years experience in landscape management and arboriculture. Sustainable and efficient landscape techniques are a special area of interest and expertise. In addition to her private practice, she is a consulting associate with Urban Forestry Services, Inc. and an active volunteer with local community garden projects. She led landscape management efforts for the Holden Arboretum and Washington Park Arboretum. A frequent speaker for local horticulture groups and the NW Flower and Garden Show, she has also taught courses in pruning, arboriculture, and landscape management at Edmonds and South Seattle Community Colleges, and at the University of Washington. She holds degrees in horticulture from Michigan State and the University of Washington, and is an ISA Certified Arborist.
Author of the Book:
Pacific Northwest Gardening Month-by-Month, by Christina Pfeiffer with Mary Robson, Cool Springs Press, 2007.

How to Prune and Renovate the Overgrown Garden. After 15 years even the most well designed garden can start to look like a jungle and time may take its toll on some things. This PowerPoint presentation will cover how to effectively use pruning to restore growth, beauty, and function to trees and shrubs in the mature or over-grown landscape. Learn how to restore beauty and vitality to garden using optimal pruning practices. Key points will include three main pruning cuts and how to best use them, optimal timing for different plants, how to prune so you don’t have to prune so often, staged renovation, and when removal may be the best option.

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