Dr. Alec Kowalewski

Alec Kowalewski , Sustainable Turfgrass Management
Alec Kowalewski, Sustainable Turfgrass Management

Dr. Alec Kowalewski received his Masters and Ph.D. from Michigan State University.  Prior to joining Oregon State University, he taught at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and worked as a Research Scientist at the University of Georgia Turf Breeding Program in Tifton, Georgia.  Dr. Kowalewski has also served as a Briggs & Stratton Yardsmart Expert and Operational Consultant at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.  In 2012 Alec joined Oregon State University as the Turfgrass Specialist, having a teaching and extension based appointment.  Current research and extension interests include improving the environmental and economic sustainability of turfgrass management.

Sustainable Turfgrass Management. This  presentation will discuss the five cultural practices  (mowing, fertilization, irrigation, cultivation and pest management) essential to sustainable turfgrass management.  Proper implementation of these cultural practices and their effects on environmental stress (drought, shade, traffic, etc.) and pest (weeds, insects, diseases, etc.) tolerance will be discussed.  This session will also include information on core integrated pest management concepts and practices such as the pest triangle, action thresholds and pest control methods.

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