Conference Committee

The 2017 International Master Gardener Conference is being brought to you by the Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener program, our generous sponsors and volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the conference chair.  Subcommittee chairs will be updated, as they are confirmed.

2017 IMGC Conference Chair

Conference Chair:  Gail Langellotto (Oregon Statewide Master Gardener coordinator)

2017 IMGC Advisory Committee

IMGC Advisory Committee members toured potential conference sites and conference hotels.  Their input was critical to the early stages of conference planning.

  • Jo Ann Bones (Multnomah County)
  • Patty Driscoll (Lane County)
  • Sherry Sheng (Clackamas County)
  • Jim Liskey (Marion County)
  • Larry Sutton (Douglas County)
  • Marcia Sherry (Yamhill County)

2017 Conference Subcommittees

Speakers Committee Chair:  Amy Jo Detweiler (Central Oregon Master Gardener coordinator)

Catering Committee Chair:  Gail Langellotto (Oregon Statewide Master Gardener coordinator)

Catering Committee Members:  Terri Hoffman (Clackamas County Master Gardener), Ellen Tappon (Benton County Master Gardener)

Decorations Committee Chair:  Marcia Sherry (Yamhill County Master Gardener)

Photographer:  Sharon Andrews (Clackamas County Master Gardener)

Registration Committee Chair:  Gail Langellotto (Oregon Statewide Master Gardener coordinator)

Program Booklet Editor:  Elaine Smith (Marion County Master Gardener)

Program Book Format:  Marcia Sherry (Yamhill County Master Gardener

Publicity Committee Chair:  Sherry Sheng (Clackamas County Master Gardener)

Publicity Committee Members:  Ellen Tappon (Benton County Master Gardener), Louise Kasper (Multnomah County Master Gardener), Donita Godwin (Marion County Master Gardener), Carol Infranca (Polk County Master Gardener)

Trade Show Committee Chair:  Pete Jacobsen (Multnomah County Master Gardener)

Trade Show Committee Members:  Tom Ralley (Multnomah County Mater Gardener), Marcia Strader (Wasco County Master Gardener)

Tours Committee Chair:  Claudia Groth (Multnomah County Master Gardener)

Tours Committee Members:  Patty Driscoll (Lane County Master Gardener), Brooke Edmunds (Linn, Benton and Lane Counties Master Gardener faculty), Pami Opfer (Linn and Benton Counties Master Gardener coordinator)

Gardening Film Festival Committee Chair:  Lynn Trimpe (Benton County Master Gardener)

Hotel Hospitality:  Sue Nesbitt (Yamhill County Master Gardener)

Convention Center Hospitality: Kathy O’Hern (Wasco County Master Gardener)

International Search for Excellence Chair:  Diane Nolan (Nebraska Master Gardener volunteer)

Int’l SFE Committee Members:  Leo Lubke (Georgia Master Gardener volunteer), Sharon Box (Tennessee Master Gardener volunteer)

2019 International Master Gardener Site Selection Committee:  Tony McCammon (Idaho Master Gardener Coordinator)

2019 IMGC Site Selection Committee:  Esther Mitchell (Prince Georges County, MD Master Gardener Coordinator), Delores Barber (West Virginia Master Gardener Volunteer), Mira Danilovich (West Virginia Master Gardener Coordinator), Colleen Zacharias (Manitoba, Canada Master Gardener Volunteer)

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