Booth Dimensions

2017 IMGC Trade Show Booth Dimensions

We will be observing a “Good Neighbor” policy at the 2017 IMGC.  This is to ensure that you and all other exhibitors have a positive experience by creating a clear line of sight through the aisles.

From the aisle, the first 2 feet of space is limited to 4-feet in height for solid display material. This allows attendees to get a clear view of booths from the main boulevards. You don’t want your neighbor blocking your view of attendees and vice versa. After those initial 2 feet from the aisle, there are no height restrictions.

Single 10’ by 10’ booth

For single 10×10 booth spaces, pipe and drape includes an 8-foot high backdrop and 3-foot high side curtains that separate you from your neighbors. Note that the side curtains in your booth take up 3 inches on each side.  If you build a customized exhibit rack or structure, your width should not exceed 9’6″ (otherwise it may not fit in your booth). There are no height restrictions on your plant material, product material, and/or booth decoration in the 8-foot space from the back curtain up to the 2-foot space before the aisle starts.

2017 imgc trade show booth dimenions

Multiple 10’ by 10’ booths

Vendors purchasing two or more, adjacent booths must also adhere to the ‘good neighbor’ guidelines.



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