Week 9 – Blog Post: Self-Reflection

What am I good at?

I am good at verbal and written communication, stroytelling and public speaking. Whenever there are ideas and thoughts in my mind, I always can express those clearly and logically. This enables me to persuade consumers to purchase more products and lead others to do their things correctly. This makes me to be the welcomed people.

For another, I am the person with strong motivation and drives. That is, if I got the goals, I will try every effort to reach the goals. When facing difficulties, I have less possibilities to quit

What do I value?

My values are listed:

Achievement, adventure, creativity, dependability, determination, friendship, independence, integrity, intelligence. 

How did I get here?

For achievement, I established several mini-goals, and put available resources on it. If facing the difficulties, I overcome it by asking helps. Creaivity is my newly added values since current environment becomes more dynamic and traditional mindset cannot solve the contemporary problems. I took part in several creactivity workshops and seminiars, in order to gain my skills on it. For intelligence, I expanded my knowledge and skills into the board scope. Through this process, my intelligence levels can be boosted significantly.

Where am I going?

My weakness is significant, as my math-related skills and knowledge are insufficant. My plan is to undertake more courses on this area.