People Work and Tree Work

Listen as we take a walk in the woods with Gilbert, a small woodland owner.

Gilbert, with walking stick talking about his woodland.

Gilbert says he manages his land for his family as well as the community that they have been a part of since 1864 when his father’s grandparents purchased a small parcel of land to begin farming. He looks not only at the trees that have grown on the property but also the value of involvement of family and many other people. Gilbert says, “Sustaining family forestland takes tree work but also people work.” He describes his experience learning from the land and helping future generations be able to have those experiences as well. His dedication to maintaining a sustainable forest that is productive in a way that keeps the forest healthy, but also that provides the plethora of other benefits that forests bring is very clear. He says, “I feel an obligation but I feel a great joy in being able to keep that idea [sustainable forest management] going. I manage in a way that not only keeps the forest productive and so we can pay all the expenses at the same time keeping the forests for visual, recreation, and any other kind of benefits like wildlife and fish.”

The voices of Oregon's small woodland owners