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The OSU Woman Citizen Project invites OSU faculty, staff, and students as well as community members to attend the Spring Film Series.  The films range from Hollywood feature films to independent documentaries. They profile a range of women: African American women in the 1930s American South; Chicana women in the 1960s and 70s; and Muslim women in contemporary France and Iran. They tackle historical events, like the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911 and the gender ideologies of the 1950s United States; cultural controversies, such debates over celebrity culture and the wearing of the veil, or hijab; and contemporary gender politics in the United States like sexual harassment and women in the Senate. Faculty from Women Studies, Ethnic Studies, English, History, Theatre Arts, Psychology, and Political Science, along with graduate students in Public Policy, will offer context and lead post-film discussions. The series is designed to engage students and community members in discussions about women in the present in the past –the way gender has shaped women’s opportunities, and how women have confronted constraints and sought to shape their own lives. Films

Films are screened Tuesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. in Owen Hall at OSU.

April 10: North Country hosted by Charlotte Headrick, professor of Theatre Arts.

April 17: 14 Women hosted by Women in Policy, School of Public Policy.

April 24: The Hours hosted by Anita Helle, professor of English.

May 1: A Crushing Love: Chicanas, Motherhood, and Activism, hosted by Norma Cardenas, assistant professor of Ethnic Studies, and Kryn Freehling-Burton, instructor of Women Studies.

May 8: Triangle Fire: The Tragedy that Forever Changed Labor and Industry, hosted by Anita Guerrini, professor of History and Horning Endowed Chair.

May 15: Cover Girl Culture, hosted by Aurora Sherman, assistant professor of Psychology.

May 22: The Color Purple, hosted by Jim Foster, professor of Political Science.

May 29: They Call Me Muslim, hosted by Faiza Al-Saaidi, instructor of Women Studies.


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