Waiting to come in …

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We have had a spectacular cruise in every way imaginable …
here are few final pictures to leave you with:

Exciting science – dissolved methane plume over Heceta Head sxs2_xsct3_methane

Studying the finer points of the food chain.food_chain_small

Dale contemplates the meaning of …?DaleContemplatesSmall

But then he calls in for reinforcements HowMany

Kipp supervises. KippSupervises

The traditional ritual cup-squeeze-on-the-CTD has been offered up to Neptune.Cups

Sara and Miguel feel the way we all to about this “SUCCESful expedition.”AllSmiles

The seas were calm and friendly. SunsetSmall

as our hosts waive good bye.JustAfluke3

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DG on 11 August, 2009 at 11:16 am #

What a neat set of photos! Thanks for posting.

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