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We have shared some of the science and certainly some of the views of the ocean. But the ship’s crew and professional staff make our work possible. We are a team, as we live and work together at sea. It’s hard to know where to start – perhaps at the TOP …
TheBridge The Bridge changes the watch. Captain Rick briefs 2nd Mate Toni as AB Patrick keeps us all pointed where we need to go.

DoghouseComposite AB Doug stands by in the DogHouse (winch and crane control) and helps us lower the CTD water sampler to the seafloor.

DoSiDo in MarTech Office The Marine Technician’s office is always a hub of activity … a line for an ethernet cable or a square dance (see Video at 11).

GalleyCrew Jockie and John have the most stressful job on the ship – feeding your friends 3-times/day, 24/7. But their constant smiles show their pride and good humor – surely needed to care for this shipload of misfits (speaking for myself, of course).

EmptyLab SO, if I say we are working so, so hard, WHERE IS EVERYONE (is it a movie? a whale on the rail? is it a Fire and Boat drill?) …

TheMess But of course! It’s dinner time.