WOrk, wORk, woRK, wOrK …

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OK – so the blogosphere has missed us (maybe one of two of you) – but we really have been working hard… really!  We are working in very shallow water which is both beautiful and requires constant vigilance to keep the towed vehicles OFF the rocks (thanks again to the COAS Active Tectonics and Seafloor Mapping Group)!   The dye was injected at 35m water depth off Neskowin and we have been following it around ever since.  This has been complicated in that it wandered off south into the Siletz Reef complex (remembering Tackle-Buster reef from May, which now has orange paint on it).

Below are a few shots of how difficult the views have been (every once and a while the fog lifts and “Oh, my GOSH!, the radar is RIGHT!  There IS a mountain right there! (Cascade Head).

Cascade Head appears.

Much better in the sun!

Wecoma sails west.

Bird Food.

Bird Bath


Then,   every once and a while, dinner jumps out of the ocean and presents itself ….


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DG on 8 August, 2009 at 7:54 am #

\On the morning of September 6 I found three flying-fish on deck, and a fourth one down the fore-scuttle as close as possible to the frying-pan. It was the best haul yet, and afforded me a sumptuous breakfast and dinner.\

Sailing Alone Around the World, by Joshua Slocum. Published 1919.

Robert on 8 August, 2009 at 8:54 am #

May 1979, R/V Knorr between Hawaii and the Equator: The fresh wind blows from stbd while we lower our sampler to the seafloor. The voracious squid drive the flying fish out of the water under our lights, where they are instantly blown, like bugs on a windshield, onto our waiting deck — from the frying pan into the fire? Neither flame or pan; the seviche sealed their fate. Yumm.

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