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ROI for Social Media

What are the benefits of online marketing and Web communications? Certainly one is the ability to track and measure metrics in a way not possible with other more traditional forms of communication. Here’s an interesting blog post that covers return on investment. How do you measure your return on investment in the incipient arena of […]

Flip Tips

If YouTube were a stand-alone search engine, it would be the second largest search engine behind Google. That’s incredible when you think of it. It shows the saturation of Web video and illustrates how much video demand is exploding. Video production is an art and a craft, and there’s no substitute for the proper training, […]

YouTube has to be part of your media strategy

Since the Web first came out (in my world that happened when I bought my first copy of Adobe Pagemill in 1996), the field of communications has been in a continuous state of upheval. Now add the current economic crunch and anything can happen. And anything is happening. Newspapers, magazines and other media outlets are […]


Here’s a link to an excellent PPT presentation that comes to us by way of Chester Bateman.

iTunes U – soft launch

We’ve quietly gone live as the first public institution in Oregon to have a presence on iTunes U. But I won’t go too far in claiming that we are way ahead of the curve on this one. Other institutions have been up and running for years. Still, it’s an important part of an overall move […]

Cre8Camp Portland

This weekend I went to the second-ever Cre8Camp at souk in downtown Portland. The setup: a BarCamp-like unconference attended by about 50 or so creative professionals, mostly from the Portland area. Attendees suggested and led topics for the day, some of which included trend tracking, sustainable marketing, youth marketing, and generally how to keep creative […]

Google Analytics

According to Google Analytics, every Monday over 20,000 visitors arrive at the OSU Web, stay two minutes and 14 seconds, view one and three-quarters pages, then move on.  The number decreases each day of the week until Saturday, when we’re down to less than 12,000 visitors.  What are those 12,000 people looking for on a […]

Social Media Specialist

The Web Communications team is seeking a Social Media Specialist to help us organize our expansion of the OSU Web presence into the social arena. This is a growing and dynamic space, and we feel that a dedicated full-time position is not so much progressive as it is necessary to what we are doing on […]

YouTube channel gets some ink

Our incipient OSU YouTube channel and Web Comm grad assistant Justin Smith, were featured in this morning’s Gazette Times.