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Integrating with Flickr

We’ve become avid users of the photo sharing service Flickr here at OSU. We go way beyond merely having an official OSU account on the service.  Key content on our main OSU site and top level pages is integrated with our account. Press releases (like this one) created by our news office use Flickr images. […]

Updating Web Guidelines

We are engaging in a comprehensive overhaul of the OSU Web standards and guidelines.  The existing guidelines have served us well, but in a changing world, and with the influence of our campus-wide Integrated Marketing and Communications process, it’s time to go through them in detail. These new guidelines are expected to be part of […]

New START video

Our Web Communications and Marketing teams collaborated with START to produce the following video that welcomes new students to OSU.

Drupal 6 OSU themes now available

We’ve worked with Central Web Services to create a new set of themes for Drupal 6 that follow the latest brand and identity guidelines. We’ve planned them to be flexible and adaptable for a range of sites, with plenty of room to add identity elements. We hope that it allows users to focus on what’s […]

Managing your Web content with CWS

At OSU we’re fortunate to have a robust support structure that has assembled an amazing set of tools to help us communicate on the Web better. Central Web Services supports Drupal sites for the entire campus. The Media Manager application developed by CWS offers outstanding video integration and YouTube-like features that integrate with Drupal and […]

Powered by Orange

We’ve just launched the Powered by Orange Web site, part of our newest campaign. Unlike traditional campaigns where the audience is expected absorb the message and then somehow recall it when it comes time for action, in this campaign, the audience can actually participate, and even wind up running the show. There are a host […]

Why should OSU Twitter?

We recently conducted a series of focus groups on our OSU Web presence, specifically the home page. The results were fascinating. And, unfortunately, not all of the results turned out the way I would have wanted. For example, I would have hoped for a larger number of tweeters, but only 5% of our subjects used […]

Social Media Directory at OSU

We’ve added a directory of social media sites and projects to the main OSU website. If you know of any more projects to add to this list, just let us know. Social media is exploding, not only from the tight economy, but because it’s unavoidably becoming a mainstream form of communication. You could follow, for […]