We’re sorry that we’re losing two of our amazing staff members this fall. Carol Andrews, after more than twenty years at OSU, a time that included building the university’s first websites from scratch, retired as of September 1st.  The great news is that she’s still sticking around part-time on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we’ll continue to tap into her wealth of knowledge, talent and matchless customer service attitude.

Truen Pence, our Digital Brand Manager, is also leaving OSU on October 7th.  Truen has been an invaluable leader for OSU online. He created the visual design for our award-winning home page, and you can’t look anywhere online without seeing his hard work. He’s been a tremendous force in creating a welcoming, consistent and contemporary image of the university online. Truen is heading to Instrument where he will be creating multimedia for little companies like Facebook, Nike and Google.

We congratulate both Carol and Truen, and thank them for everything they’ve done for the university.