The Big Board – Top 50 sites at OSU

Over the last year or two we have been working to get our google analytics profiles under control. When they were initially setup there wasn’t much future thinking involved. At the time it wasn’t the go to metrics source for our sites, so I am not surprised that it was developed a bit hastily. We […]

Analytics: End of Spring Term-ish…

Each time a homepage story is uploaded, one is taken down. When it is, we make sure to take a look at the analytics of the stories we remove. Here’s a look at the pageviews of previous homepage stories: Many videos are also attached to these homepage stories. Here’s a look at the analytics from […]

Google Analytics

According to Google Analytics, every Monday over 20,000 visitors arrive at the OSU Web, stay two minutes and 14 seconds, view one and three-quarters pages, then move on.  The number decreases each day of the week until Saturday, when we’re down to less than 12,000 visitors.  What are those 12,000 people looking for on a […]


Kent Lewis, CEO of Anvil Media will be speaking in downtown Corvallis on Thursday, August 20. Anvil has worked with the admissions team at Oregon State and has helped with some of the success they’ve had with their site. It should be a good opportunity to learn more about a company that works specifically with […]