Over the last year or two we have been working to get our google analytics profiles under control. When they were initially setup there wasn’t much future thinking involved. At the time it wasn’t the go to metrics source for our sites, so I am not surprised that it was developed a bit hastily. We don’t yet have a perfect picture. We are still gaining access to analytics on several key sites, but now we can at least put out the first OSU Big Board. Essentially a list of the top 50 used sites at OSU.

This list is based off page views per day. There are some notable caveats to this list that I will try to highlight after. For comparison the OSU Home Page or front page comes in at 47,893 page views per day. All data was averaged from September 1st, 2012 and June 30th, 2013.

1. “Online Services” – 154,664 – This is the backbone of the university. I will surmise that this will forever be the most used online entity at OSU. All audiences use this for various reasons. Class registration, schedules, grades, transcripts, employee benefits, pay information, general account information.

2. OSU Main – 32,085 – Includes the top tier links for OSU and all of the audiences specific landing pages. Also includes a few micro sites. This is essentially everything that makes up OSU’s homepage except for the front page itself.

3. Course Catalog – 28,212

4. Ecampus – 13,885

5. Admissions – 11,261

6. OSU Search – 7,107 – Search results pages and a small amount of people that go to the search page instead of using the toolbar.

7. Housing and Dining Services – 4,705

8. Extension Service – 3,938

9. Calendar – 3,807

10. College of Public Health and Human Sciences – 3,522 – Credit them for having a single site that contains most of their college pages/entities. It is a larger site to manage but benefits from greater exposure for all parts.

11. OSU Cascades Campus – 3,288 – I expect to see this grow as they become a full four year university.

12. College of Business – 3,007 – Again benefiting from a single site for most of their departments and programs.

13. Financial Aid and Services – 2,687

14. Information Services – 2,082

15. College of Engineering – 2,038

16. College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences – 1,968

17. College of Veterinary Medicine – 1,886

18. Office of the Registrar – 1,785

19. News and Research Communications – 1,715

20. Human Resources – 1,521

21. College of Pharmacy – 1,506

22. Computer Help Documents – 1,408

23. Business Affairs – 1,284

24. Graduate School – 1,253

25. Campus Map – 1,236

26. Career Services – 1,205

27. College of Science – 970

28. Oregon 4H – 929

29. Employment Opportunities – 890

30. College of Education – 885

31. OSU Foundation – 879

32. Research Office – 858

33. College of Agricultural Sciences – 845

34. New Student Programs and Family Outreach – 790

35. Student Computing Facilities – 787

36. Summer Session – 647

37. Facilities Services – 634

38. Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life – 560

39. College of Liberal Arts – 529

40. Student Leadership and Involvement – 500

41. Business Centers – 489

42. Visit OSU – 478

43. Commencement – 445

44. Brand Guidelines – 434

45. Transit and Parking Services – 412

46. Academic Affairs – 409

47. Counseling and Psychological Services – 388

48. Administrative Leadership – 361

49. Powered by Orange – 312

50. Memorial Union Program Council – 311

Notable Exclusions

There are several sites that we don’t have access to that seem like they would get a lot of traffic. Those include the Alumni Association, International Programs, the College of Forestry, OSU Library, Student Health Services and of course our Athletics site and several other academic related departments and programs. Applications like Banner, Blackboard, MyTime and others are likely very heavily used but because of their third party status we aren’t able to integrate our profile.

I will update this information a couple times throughout the academic year. We will include data on sites that move up and down this list and try to identify indicators for that movement.



Each time a homepage story is uploaded, one is taken down. When it is, we make sure to take a look at the analytics of the stories we remove. Here’s a look at the pageviews of previous homepage stories:

previous homepage stories

Many videos are also attached to these homepage stories. Here’s a look at the analytics from the most popular videos on our YouTube channel currently.

top videos

The takeaway: people like dancing. People also like research and scientific things …just not as much.

The Oregon State Experience video has been a great hit with multiple audiences. Here’s what one prospect says about it:

I’m from Brazil and my dream is to study and live in the U.S. I’ve been searching and comparing some universities, and after reading about it and know a little about the university, I had no more doubts… My choice is Oregon State, and I’m already starting to get ready to try my admission for 2014!

And here’s a current student’s view:

I chose to go to Oregon State and I am from New Jersey. My four years at Oregon State have transformed me from a shy and unmotivated individual into the person I am today. I am poised to be a huge part of the theme park industry and I have OSU to thank. I will miss Corvallis and Oregon so much after I leave. But everyone should know that OSU has a place for them and is a great, stress-free place to live 🙂

top new videos

The takeaway: Between The Trees was an experimental video we produced during commencement, and it’s gotten a good amount of traffic. Maybe experimentation is good. It also makes sense that a popular athlete, Stephanie McGregor, got the most views of any of our commencement videos.

Commencement was a very important area of interest for us for the weeks surrounding graduation. The stories were as follows (some are still online while others have been removed to rotate new stories in):

•Commencement 2013: Building community (Eder Mondragon)
Eder came from a Hispanic family in the Dales & excelled at OSU. He hopes to go on to serve other communities in need of bi-cultural leadership.

•Commencement 2013: Accelerating his future (Ryan Connolly)
Ryan – a business major – started a company while studying at OSU, and will continue working with it after graduation

•Commencement 2013: Halfway around the world (Alex Gulick)
Alex Gulick was a biology major. She’s headed to grad school, probably, after some high profile internship plans. Her story focused on her international experience and how OSU helped her focus her career goals

•Commencement 2013: ‘Challenge yourself’ (Alfonc Rakaj)
Speaking of high-profile internships, Alfonc interned with the US House of Reps & Scottish Parliament. His story is about being an international student at OSU, finding “family” here and getting as much as you can out of the college experience

•Commencement 2013: Loving learning (Hyung Seok Lee)
Hyung also brought us the international angle. He talked about the INTO Program since he’s part of their first graduating class (the program has been around at OSU for 4 years now). He talked about his transition from being a below average student in South Korea to excelling at OSU.

•Commencement 2013: Moving forward (Alexa Ortiz)
Alexa was a student athlete, a rower at OSU, and studied zoology major. She’s going to vet school at Tuffs in the fall. Her story discusses athletics & trying new things at college

•Commencement 2013: ‘People matter the most’ (Stephanie McGregor)
Stephanie was one of OSU’s favorite gymnasts, but not many people knew that she had a near-perfect GPA in the college of Engineering. She talks about leaving her gymnastics team and her feelings about the future after a solid OSU education

And data on the video component of those stories:

commencement videos

The takeaway: Again, cute gymnasts get lots of views!

News & Research Communications is another area of interest. Here’s the data from May 15-July 1.

top releases

The takeaway: The “Boys will be boys” release was picked up by a variety of high-profile sources, which accounts for the major jump in views. Pageviews are generally strong for research-based news content.

We’ll keep these running regularly from here on out! Thanks for reading!


According to Google Analytics, every Monday over 20,000 visitors arrive at the OSU Web, stay two minutes and 14 seconds, view one and three-quarters pages, then move on.  The number decreases each day of the week until Saturday, when we’re down to less than 12,000 visitors.  What are those 12,000 people looking for on a Saturday?  It intrigues me!

But what would be even more intriguing would be to watch their movement across the entire OSU site – to have our tracking code on every page.  That would provide us with a clear picture of where we would be wise to invest in further development and also where we can minimize our efforts.  Anyone wanting data for their site should let us know so we can assist you in placing the appropriate tracking information and creating a unique profile for you.  The more sub-sites of OSU that sign-up, the greater detail we will have of how visitors are using our Web resources. Oh, did I mention that it’s free?