Like the shoeless cobbler’s kids or the dentist’s kids with their neglected teeth, our old demo reel languished for four long years without an update. But here it’s only February and we’ve already got our new 2017 showreel together. We’ll try not to wait that long before updating this one again.

We thank all of the faculty, students and partners across campus for helping us capture these amazing images and find such great stories. We’re looking forward to the upcoming year.

Here’s what’s new in 2017:

  • We’ve added more robust sound production and design skills to our team
  • We have two 107/FAA licensed drone pilots on staff
  • We are now able to accept payment from and work for external clients and production companies, supporting on- and off-campus shoots with standard video gear, plus aerial and underwater cinematography (contact Larry Pribyl for details)
  • We’ll be launching the new brand video platform beginning in April; more details to come
  • We’ve finished production and are now editing Saving Atlantis, our long-term feature film project
  • In collaboration with the Scientific Diving Program, we’ll be introducing an underwater photo and video workshop scheduled to start this spring
  • We’ve launched a host of new videos on the OSU YouTube and Vimeo channels in recent months
  • Our video series on the Global Coral Microbiome Project is nearing completion, featuring our first video fully transcribed and subtitled in Spanish

As always, just let us know if you need any assistance with video production, or if you just want to chat or share ideas.

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