July and August were all about getting rid of the (awesome) commencement stories we worked so hard on in the spring and replacing it with awesome content that could see us through the summer and straight into school. Here’s a look at the stories we took down.

previous homepage stories

Stories up on the site at this time include:

Floralia: I can’t get rid of this beautiful site we (and by we, I mean Kegan) created. I still love it so much. The site features a quick story I wrote, video by Darryl and lots of HTML5 moving photos & other awesome bits and pieces.

Board of Trustees: This homepage feature is a link to our new leadership page for the Board of Trustees. We’ll keep it updated as we go through the confirmation process, but will probably remove it from the homepage pretty soon? We’ll see.

Making an Impact: A young-alum story about a Peace Corps volunteer in Moldova.

For the Sport of it: Did you know Oregon State had a winning bass fishing team? Me either. This story by Colin explains…

Creating great writers: A feature about EVERYTHING Writing at Oregon State: from a new partnership with a nonprofit in east Oregon, to the new low-residency MFA in Bend, to talented students choosing Oregon State over world-class programs like Iowa. Big things are happening for writers here.

SMILE!: A feature about Oregon State’s SMILE (Science & Math Investigative Learning Experiences) program, which encourages underserved youth to see themselves as scientists.

As for video views, Bollywood Dance the Harlem Shake are KILLING it right now. Maybe we should just dance our way into the school year.

top 10 videos

We were also really proud to release the new Beaver Nation commercial, which our team as well as Marketing has worked so, so hard on.

top 5 new videos

A lot of this traffic was thanks to a big push on social media. Here are a few of my favorite comments we received.








Releases about our scientific research remain our highest viewed:

top news releases

Thanks so much for reading this post and the last one. Now that we have our format down, you’ll be seeing these every two months. One thing everyone was interested in was seeing a traffic report comparing our colleges. Ask and ye shall receive:


My takeway from these numbers is that strong content breeds page views. Summer has been a bit slow for us all, but I’m finally feeling more in the swing of this still-new job (I passed the six month mark this month – woohoo!) So I think September and October will bring us a wealth of new content, fun new projects and learning experiences all around.


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