From our presentation at the Drupal Bootcamp earlier this week, here are ten tips for better web content. Follow these and your page will automatically be ahead of most of the others out there.

  1. Use brief introductory copy on every major page: three lines max, aimed at new users
  2. Avoid dense blocks of text
  3. Make page scan-able by using ordered and unordered lists
  4. Make page scannable by employing headings at least down to <h4>
  5. Write titles and headings so that a user could read them alone and have a strong understanding of the whole page
  6. Use bold/italics sparingly
  7. Never use all caps
  8. Never underline text for emphasis unless it’s an actual link
  9. Instead of “click here” make descriptive text into a link
  10. Follow AP Style
– David

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One thought on “Ten rules for web content

  1. David,

    “7. Never use all caps”

    But title of this article is:


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