I went to the Oregon Zoo earlier this week. The hope is that we can work together and form a partnership around the beaver habitat. Maybe some day we will have livebeavercam.edu available for you to go to (official title still to be determined). Anyways it was also quite enjoyable on a personal level because this was my first trip to the zoo. The highlight, of course, were the beavers, but there were lots of other great animals and educational opportunities as well. I strongly urge you to visit if you have the opportunity.

Things Kegan learned at the zoo

  • Melody, our marketing director, has a reoccurring nightmare about bears.
  • The beavers are way bigger than expected. We are talking like 20-40 lbs.
  • Inside the beaver den is a magical looking place, that is warm and cozy. I really wanted to crawl in there.
  • Elephants have huge bladders and well, for lack of more eloquent speech, “drop a massive load when they urinate”.
  • While we are on the subject, Polar bears urinate in the their own pool, which if I remember from growing up is a big no no.
  • The baby elephant lilly is incredible cute and I could watch her run around for hours.
  • Monkeys are arrogant and think they are better than me (constantly plotting their escape).
  • Lions are definitely king of the jungle.
  • Some bird (that I don’t recall the name of) acts as a scout for the mongoose while it hunts. While the mongoose scares up insects for the bird to eat. The perfect form of animal teamwork.
  • The Oregon Zoo is awesome.



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