Here are three things you can learn today.

The Grande Super burrito at La Rockita (downtown Corvallis) is too big. I know wouldn’t typically ever think of saying that phrase, but the thing is just way to big. It broke open and spilled every where. Quite tasty, but a big disaster. Sorry I don’t have any pictures to back this up (was a hot mess). You are going to have to take my word for it.

The Cannon 5D Mark (mark I) is almost eight years old. It is easily the most seldom used camera in our office. Since it has no video functionality it is typically left in the drawer, as we don’t do very much still photography. However, we have been doing a ton of time lapses lately and the fact that it is a full frame camera (not cropped sensor like most of our other DSLR’s) means you can do some really brilliant time lapses. There are tons of options out there as far as cameras, but if you are an in-house production unit and are looking to ramp up your time lapse capability getting your hands on an original 5D would be well worth the investment. You can pick up a refurbished one between $500-$800. Like I said, it doesn’t shoot video, but can really bang out some stunning time lapse scenes.

The University Marketing Department at OSU (in our division) has recently put up new banners around downtown Corvallis. They depict all the many things that make up Beaver Nation. I think they turned out great. On the way to the aforementioned  burrito lunch (still too big) we snagged a picture outside the lovely Benton County Courthouse.



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