For an upcoming football game all OSU fans are encouraged to wear Black apparel. It will be one of the first night games at Reser in a long time, so it should be a pretty incredible atmosphere. For the last decade (when we started winning) it has been a tradition for students to camp out for tickets the night before they are available. This year because of our surprising success the army of campers has grown quite large.

In the past we have taken hot chocolate, snuggies and blankets out to the usually wet and cold group. However, this year because of the importance of this unique wear black game we got almost 500 t-shirts and delivered them to the students. We loaded up our electric car and took off.

Sparky loaded down with Beaver Nation shirts.

These are the parts of the job that aren’t covered in your position description and you wouldn’t really hear about it during an interview, but it’s one of the reasons it is fun to work at a university. If you have never given away free shirts then you just haven’t experienced all the joys in life. These students look at you like you are carrying stacks of gold. They thank you, they bow to you and sometimes they call you the Boss, man, chief, hero or any number of “bro” compliments.

So cheers to t-shirts, cheers to free stuff, cheers to the Beavers and cheers to fanatical students!

The start of the camping line. They had one of the better setups.
Some groups had been there so long they had semi permanent setups.

The coolest dog of all the campers. This guy was very well trained and looked awesome. Could have spent the whole time taking pictures of him.
This group won the who is the most excited to get a free shirt contest.
Keeping everyone entertained with a little jam session.
Studying…. well you have to admire their commitment to education!
By the end of it all it started to rain, but true OSU problem solvers working together to get that fire going!



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