I recently had Jimmy Johns for lunch. If you aren’t familiar with the franchise I will try to sum them up really quick. They are a sandwich shop and their competitive advantage is that they are fast, really fast. Most of the time, when you walk in and order, your sandwich is ready by the time you reach the soda machine to fill up your cup. They aren’t like subway in that you don’t have a ton of options and they certainly don’t get super high marks for culinary excellence, but as I said before they are fast!

They also value customer service very highly. In the store they are energetic and enjoyable. On the phone they greet you with a phrase like “Hello Jimmy Johns you are awesome, how can I help you?”. The last thing I should mention is that they deliver. Like everything else about them the delivery is fast. I clocked them at six minutes from the time I ordered to the time they pedaled up to my office. I should also note that they will deliver one single sandwich. Can you believe that? They will hop on their bike zip all the way across campus and hand off one single sandwich then zip back. Just so lazy jackwads like myself don’t have to walk allllll the way over there (like 6 blocks) and get one.

At this point you might wonder what this has to do with web communications and the answer is nothing really. It really is a look into customer service and attitude. Like I said before they pride themselves on presenting an enjoyable experience to anyone who comes into contact with them. They also keep a great attitude. If I had to pedal across campus, (like a bat out of hell I might add) just to hand one sandwich to some fat lazy dude, I wouldn’t be all that happy. Yet every single time they are polite and friendly.

So, to sum up this hot mess of a post. If we could model our web communications after Jimmy Johns we would be doing a pretty good job.

  • Stress your points of differentiation in everything you do
  • Perform incredible customer service
  • Gain positive influence and win big in a pretty competitive market



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3 thoughts on “Jimmy Johns

  1. I recently moved to a part of town where they don’t deliver. To far for their bike deliveries. I was heart broken!

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