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Team Bonding

June 28th, 2012

Webcomm and Marketing walking the trail.

We took a trip over to Bend today. The 2-year OSU Cascades campus is located in Bend and we are in the middle of trying to establish a full four year branch campus. Part of us met with local team members to plan out our marketing strategies for the next two years. The other half got to tour the downtown area looking for environmental advertising locations.

Hipster pic of an overturned tree stump.

After that we stopped by Suttle Lake and took a nice walk on one of the trails. I guess it can be argued which activity was more valuable/enjoyable. We have a few new staff members and any chance to get out of the office is a good opportunity to get to know eachother. We didn’t do any trust falls or sing camp songs, but I think we all had a good time.

Gloomy picture of Suttle Lake. Perfect spot for a slasher movie.



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2 Responses to “Team Bonding”

  1. Matt says:

    Nice pics! But it sure makes Suttle Lake look pretty tenebrous! Totally befitting of a slasher flick.


  2. Keganator says:

    Yeah, my elder statesman iPhone 3Gs just doesn’t handle the low light very well these days. Definitely didn’t do the lake justice. First time I had been there and it was quite nice.

    I could see MegaCroc vs Sharktapus being filmed there.

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