It’s great when our institution receives positive recognition. In a series of case studies from the consulting firm Fathom Online Marketing, Oregon State’s efforts have been recognized as an example of best practices. This is largely due to the efforts of Web Comm staffers Kegan Sims and Celene Carillo, and the numerous other communicators on campus who’ve found innovative ways to use social networks and the Powered by Orange campaign in their outreach efforts.

We were also recently ranked 17th nationally in another report that assessed activity levels of 270 colleges and universities. We haven’t read the full report, but an associate from the reporting agency shared the following details about OSU:

  • Overall Social Media Activity: Top 10 among colleges with 20,000 to 30,000 students
  • YouTube Upload Views: Top 10
  • Facebook Ranking: Top 35
  • Twitter Ranking: Top 65
  • iTunes U Ranking: Top 55
Thanks for all the hard work of our team members who keep experimenting and developing best practices on the fly in this emerging communications environment.
You can find guidance and a survey of many of the great social media efforts from across campus on our Social Media Directory. And don’t hesitate to contact the Web Communications Office with questions or for support as you plan your overall online communications strategy.
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2 thoughts on “OSU featured in social media case study

  1. Dan Crouch (Enrollment Mgmt-Web Services Manager) and myself also presented on “Targeted Social Media Campaigns: A Case Study” at the national conference for the American Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). The presentation was also highlighted as a webinar.

    Thanks to Web Comm for taking the ball and running with it!

  2. Great work, Blake & Dan. We can’t overlook all of the work Admissions and Enrollment Mgmt has done in pioneering the use of social media at OSU, and in higher ed in general.

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