We’re thrilled to announce the full, working beta version of OSU’s new home page, ready to test drive for the next two weeks before it replaces the “vintage” site. In mid-May, we’ll replace the old site with the new beta. For those of you with a sentimental outlook on the old site, we’ll keep it available for a few more weeks.

The new page has a host of added features and functionality, so watch this video for a short tour. David Barner, Assistant Director of Web Communications, will take you through some of the highlights. And please take some time to explore on your own. Expect to see more features and enhancements over the coming months. Leave your feedback in the comments on this post. Or contact web.communcations[at]oregonstate[dot]edu.

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5 thoughts on “Test drive our new home page

  1. This is amazing. I have truly enjoyed the OSU home page over the last several years and this is light years ahead of any previous versions!!!

    Keep up the great presentation.

  2. The website looks great, and students and Beaver fans will really appreciate the homepage link to the Bookstore! Since the OSU Bookstore is categorized int he menu links under Campus Life, is it possible to also then have it linked at /main/campus-life “Living on Campus”, and at /main/current-students “Commonly Used Tools?” I think that would be very useful for students.

    One change from the current website is that those looking for Beaver Merchandise had a choice between Beaver Authentics (Athletics vendor partner) and the OSU Bookstore Beaver Fan Shop (Campus vendor partner). Could this be replicated on the new site by changing “Beaver Shop” on the menu links and “Fan Shop” on /main/athletics both to “Beaver Merchandise,” and then providing a choice of “Beaver Authentics” (that vendor’s trade name) and “OSU Bookstore Beaver Fan Shop (Bookstore’s trade name)? Customers looking for the Bookstore’s Beaver Fan Shop will likely be confused/frustrated if they click on either “Beaver Shop” or “Fan Shop” and don’t end up at the vendor actually branded “Beaver Fan Shop.”

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  4. It would be good to change “Us here at web communications are pretty excited…” to “We…are…”

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