Interim home page with Google search
Interim home page with Google search

During the break, we’ve made some changes to the main OSU home page. We added the new tag to the OSU logo and updated some colors to make them brand compliant. These changes will be live beginning Monday, January 4.

We’ve also moved the site search to the banner. Thanks to Central Web Services, OSU’s search is now powered by a Google appliance. This version just uses the standard features, but having the search appliance in-house allows room for enhanced features that we hope to help roll out over the coming months.

Our goal is to have the new home page in place early spring/late winter. We’re testing prototypes now, and I’ll share mock-ups in coming blog posts.

Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on this interim step, and your hopes for the new site. Also let us know how the search is performing.

It’s Civil War time again and battles of all types have been raging between Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. In the middle of it all the Web Communications department has been waging a war of our own. For the last few months it has been our goal to surpass the number of Duck channel views and subscribers on YouTube. Well what better way to accomplish a goal than to take advantage of a rabid and passionate audience. Because of the incredible support and dedication of Beaver Nation we were able to accomplish our goal (on the actual day of the civil war none the less!).

Much of the success can be attributed to clever cross promotion on our other social networks. Also, we had some real success recently with a couple videos. Even reaching the top 25 videos on YouTube EDU.