Our latest home page feature story includes the first official podcast from the Web Communications office. It’s part of the new Mentors series, a holistic marketing and communications effort that includes everything from a banners appearing around campus to a website filled with stories about the amazing mentoring relationships cultivated across OSU.

Podcasts are hardly the latest trend in Web technology. Innovators around campus have been exploiting this medium for years, much of their work aggregated and championed by the College of Education, Chester Bateman and the Grassroots Learning Project.

In our case, serendipity accompanied our move into this platform. Our Web Writer, Celene Carillo, noticed that an interview recorded for a mentoring article was compelling enough to stand on its own. Student Jenny Villalobos and Sandy Neubaum from the College of Business were so engaging as they discussed the instructor-student relationship and the values of a strong mentoring partnership, that it would have been a crime just to erase the file and record a new interview onto the memory card. Celene edited out the background noise, selected choice excerpts, recorded an intro and a new podcast series was born.

It does take extra effort to add depth to your Web content. But being aware of opportunities is a solid first step.

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