5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

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Here is a list of landing-page essentials to improve your conversion.

1.Write fascinating headlines.

You need a main headline that fit enough to trigger the reader’s attention and briefly describe your proposition. It should be as brief as possible.

Here is some lists how to do.

  1. Leading with a key benefit — Not put too much hard selling messages.
  2. Making exclusive message. — One way to do this is to say that the message is only for a special group of people.
  3. Including “qualifier” — An inclusive qualifier makes all readers feel like they are part of a group, and the selling messages we provided are for them
  4. Breaking up long-form ads. — Many people skim through ads to decide whether they want to read it or not. If they interesting, then they will read it through from beginning. Thus, breaking up long headline to sub-headline will help visitor to understand what you provide them.

Note that, your landing pages should be the gateway to value. So that Headlines are the entrance of gateway to value.

2. Promise Value & More Information to Take an Action

Once you get a headline and sub heading, you need to be careful about your value proposition!

People are quick to make a first impression.

Elise Dopson

Lewis Kemp, CEO of Lightbulb Media, recommends to “resist the temptation to waste valuable real estate telling people who you are and what you do above the fold. Nobody cares.”

Instead, he says: “As soon as a prospect lands on the page you should be telling them how your product/service benefits their lives. Let them make the choice to scroll further to find out more about you as a business.”

Important: Make sure that the content does not distract the user from buying. It should also be easier enough for skimming and removing any flaws to conversions.

3. Test and Test

Every business should be experimenting on a regular basis.

 Test Your Forms

Forms should be:

  • Concise (put only what you need!).
  • Clear.
  • Easy to complete.
  • Functional.
  • Responsive by design.
  • Provide trust signals and support information.

Another, A/B and multivariate testing can answer all of those question marks you may have about your website and its visitors.

Want a deeper understanding of people? Testing is how you get this information.

Testing should be off page too – for example:

  • How many CTAs should a page have?
  • Where is best to position the main CTA button?
  • What size, color, and text work best at product and category level?

4. Add trust signs

88% of customers will check out reviews before making a final decision on a purchase–which is why these marketers recommend including trust signals to boost your landing page conversion rates.

Elise Dopson

Because of a huge number of unethical, illegal and untrustworthy in online business today, trust signs and symbols are essential. A trust symbol can be an image, an icon or a symbol.

For example

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ trust symbols

P.s. There are many more trust symbols to increase trust for in-site customer. For example, guarantees, testimonials, video demonstration and so on.

5. Be consistent!

This is a little concern, but surely worth improving for your conversions.

As your customers approach the purchasing decision, creative elements such as your tone, imagery and color scheme need to be consistent

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