Imagine you’re in class, but can snap your fingers at any moment to bring your family or friends in next to you. (and snap again to send them away).

Apparently just talking to someone in meatspace about what you’re doing on the computer : is this magic sauce for metacognitive learning. (for figuring out and reinforcing what you have actually learned so far).
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quick project overview:
Virtual reality walking tour for distance students, prospective students, any students, and anyone else. Lets you control time of day/year and access rare and restricted areas.
We used Ricoh Theta S camera, Google Cardboard(s), Unity 3D, and Agisoft PhotoScan software.
Team: Warren Blyth, Ben Brewster, Dorothy Loftin, R. John Robertson, Tianhong Shi, and Victor Villegas
Team name that nobody approved: Pied Pipesters

(Quick notes for Presentation)


“Teleport to Oregon State”
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* I’d originally thought I’d use this blog as a list of interesting tech and software for coworkers (and random strangers). But most of my coworkers friended me on Facebook, so this purpose dried up.

* I also hoped to talk about multimedia tools and games I’ve made for certain classes. But there is some concern (sometimes) about exposing content that distance students are paying to access.

* Chris LaBelle and crew over at EESC have maintained a neat blog “Electonic Papyrus” on teaching and tech, and I don’t see any good reason to compete. Plus it’s intimidating to risk comparisons.

I think it would be best to start using this blog to list ActionScript 3 questions and discoveries. like, what’s the difference between “math.abs and math.ceil ? When would you use either?” Maybe I could also talk about parts of certain projects, in gory code detail, rather than expose the whole thing.

The dramatic flair fires in my brain, and i want to rename the blog to “Code Closure” or “Gory Ruminations” or “Questions and Random Shots in the Dark” or “Spitballing Strange Programming Practices.” … Which all seem a little dramatic. I’m not a great programmer. … Maybe stick with “How Doth Code: AS3 (Flash ActionScript 3)” for now. or something.

I noted that Chris LaBelle was maintaining an official sort of blog about instructional design, over here:

And it made me feel rather silly for babbling here about techie weirdness. I was reminded that i’m just some wacko ranting about 2.0 poops. He is classically trained, preparing articles about 2.0 poops. but. whatever! woo hoo! Met with the new Social Media Manager, Josh, today, and was reminded that i should check in and update these h’yar rants.

I met Josh through the local “Covallis Area Video Gaming Special Interest Group, Sponsered by the Software Association of Oregon,” which i’m currently managing. casually. this group is also known by the easy to remember acronym : CAVGSIGSSAO.

ho ho ho. I kid. A better name would be nice, and we’re certainly open for suggestions. if you’re interested in taking part,
join the email list here:
read slightly more here:

Once I sat around wondering what the benefits of SAO sponsorship were, really … so I randomly purchased figuring it would be a nice test bed for ideas on uniting the local community. This¬† all ties nicely into today’s theme of dropping the ball on big ideas. wee!


I recently created a flash tool to help students learn kanji, both writing and remembering. Also put together a Jeopardy flavored Quiz show game for an upcoming non-credit course. not sure that i can just post these things publicly… but will look into it. currently planning to create a new tool around the idea of geography (map topography measuring). Snooping around to see what is already available. Ran across this random tutorial for a mess of dots and lines! wee! i couldn’t even tell you why i link to this. except that my mind is melty. and hungry for links. wee!

Victor just asked me if my monitor was IPS or TN. and I was all like “wut?”
add another layer to the insanity of modern display variations.

Basically, your LCD monitor is probably TN (crappy). Most of the “good deal” monitors use TN tech (“Twisted Nematic”).

Here’s an informal definition of IPS, stolen from the webssss:

  • IPS – in-plane switching…. the liquid crystals are aligned horizontally instead of on an angle. This procress greatly increases vertical viewing angles. When coupled with the high brightness and contrast of the glaretype displays, color reproduction is almost perfect. Basically it becomes a 1/4″ professional graphics flat CRT monitor…. which is why the display is primarily for those in professional graphics.

  • And of course, here is the usual STUPIDLY VERBOSE explanation from wikipedia.

  • Here at Ecampus, we use a Sony Z1U to record lectures. It’s a nice camera.

    Victor found a sweet add on, that would save us a ton of boring time. (waiting for tape to play back video, while the computer captures). A Memory Recording Unit.
    Supposedly you can stick any solid state flash card in there, and it’ll dump to it while recording to tape. And reviews claim that it doesn’t use any crazay proprietary sony format (which is why i usually fear sony products).¬† SD pops up in AVI, HD in Mpeg2 (? i might need to check that…).