current work:
ANTH345 “Bunny Buddies” game technically works with “programmer art placeholders”.
hoping to have it polished enough for use by early next week (adding hand holding messages, dice and card animations, and decipherable start and end game screens), so I can discuss with teacher. Then continue improving as long as time permits.

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What is it?
This “Streak Plate” interactive is based on the 4th lab exercise for this class. You must sterilize a wire loop, acquire a bacteria sample, and drag it across a petri dish, thrice, in order to create clumps of pure bacteria. This interactive ends with an image of the growth results, and a checklist of the various (dozens of) steps.

The real world lab requires an overnight incubation period, and students often make mistakes along the way, so it was ideal to let them practice on their own.

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I was baffled to find that when I edited the text of a TextField using ActionScript 3 (AS3), I was left with RANDOM GIBBERISH. Hours were lost snooping around in my epic project, trying to figure out how anything could cause this problem.

Turns out it’s a feature in CS5!?!

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