The Waite-Cusic lab conducts applied research in four main themes: (1) pre-harvest food safety, (2) process validation, (3) prevalence of pathogens in food systems, and (4) microbiological quality indicators and spoilage.

Pre-harvest Food Safety

Wildlife and livestock as sources of foodborne pathogens

Agricultural Water – Microbiological Quality

Prevalence of Pathogens in Food Systems

Listeria in produce handling and processing facilities in the Pacific Northwest

Salmonella and Campylobacter in small poultry operations in Oregon

Process Validations

Sub-pasteurization treatments to reduce foodborne pathogens in milk destined for cheese production


Nut butter


Microbial Quality Indicators and Spoilage

Role of non-starter lactic acid bacteria in Cheddar cheese

Biofilm formation and removal on dairy processing equipment

The impact of rework on dairy product quality

Band-Aid Aroma in Chocolate Milk

(poster) Batty, D., Kuhn, E., Tomasino, E., Meuniier-Goddik, L., & Waite-Cusic, J. (2017). “Band-Aid” Off Flavor in Non-fat Chocolate Milk.

Milk hauling practices and their impact on raw milk quality

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