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Making Meaningful Connections

Allison Starkenburg

Allison Starkenburg is sophomore from Rancho Cucamonga majoring in natural resources. Her involvement with campus community began with joining Kappa Delta but has since grown to include internships with the Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life (CFSL) and Hillel Engagement. Below are her thoughts on meaningful, intentional campus connections.

Allison Starkenburg working at a computerSometimes it’s easy to get lost on such a large campus. However, getting involved makes it easier to meet friends and find your niche in a community environment, somewhere you feel comfortable and safe. I think back to when I joined Kappa Delta on Bid Day. We sat in a circle and talked, and while we all had different backgrounds, everyone was welcoming and supportive. We quickly became a close-knit floor and it made my first year engaging and fulfilling. I learned that day how important it is to step out of your comfort zone and make meaningful connections.

Also during my first year, I got involved with a Panhellenic sorority. This eventually led to great connections with OSU faculty and two amazing positions within the Greek community: member at large within Taskforce and student intern for the CFSL. As a freshman on Taskforce, I listened to alumni and senior members give advice and guidance, and I saw the impact we made on campus. As an intern, I’ve gained experience with web editing and office operations. Plus, I’ve built new relationships in the process.

My current job as a Hillel Engagement intern is to engage the new Jewish students on campus. I help them make lasting connections by spending time with them and finding activities for them to enjoy. When I first arrived at OSU, I didn’t quite know my place until others helped me get involved. Now, I get to help new students in the same way. At the same time, I get to learn and educate others about Jewish culture, increasing diversity knowledge and awareness in the OSU community. It feels good to help students find a home just like I did.

—Alllison Starkenburg


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