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Finding Home: Kody Dalin

RHA Member, Kody Dalin

Kody Dalin is a member of the Residence Hall Association (RHA), which advises all residence hall councils and organizes programs and events to promote community across campus.

Who can join? Why join?
RHA serves the on-campus community of the residence halls, but we work to build community for everyone on campus, not just those who live here. That being said, only those who live on campus can become members. Residents should get involved with us to help us help them. Our goal is to improve the academics of our constituents, help people grow into better citizens and have a happier life through college.

What is your best memory?
My best memory with RHA is when I was running a craps table at the Casino Night event, and I got the opportunity to teach dozens of people a new game and try and help them be successful at it.

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Home Away From Home is a series created by undergraduate Santiago Garfias-Miranda and published by University Marketing to help students find their community at Oregon State. Find your home away from home in one of OSU’s over 400 student clubs and organizations. Explore the full series here.

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